Where to go cold winter

Winter is not an excuse to stay away from work at home. There are many options for an interesting holiday in our city. We have compiled a selection of cold-weather establishments.


• The Phaeton Museum is an exhibition of retro cars that is one of the 20 largest technical museums in Europe. In 2013, "Phaeton" was recognized as the largest collection of retro technology, and is listed in the Book of Records of Ukraine. Today, the museum has collected more than 200 pieces of equipment. It presents not only cars, but also a collection of weapons, bicycles, motorcycles, tanks and more.


• Flick Science Museum - An interactive science museum for children and adults. Here you can find out how the world is arranged with the help of a quest, where you can find unusual exhibits, useful life hacks and educational cartoons that will guide you throughout the excursion. In the museum, scientific knowledge is explained in simple language, so everything will be clear even to young children.


• The Museum of Experiments is a science and entertainment center for children and adults dedicated to mechanics, physics, optics, magnetism and other fields of science. In the museum you can check the speed of your reaction, see the optical illusions, light the lamp directly in your hands, draw light, explore the force of gravity and much more. Every visitor to the museum can conduct interesting experiments and experiments.


• Weapons History Museum - This is one of the largest private collections of weapons that has been collected on five continents. More than 3,000 small arms and firearms reflect practically all stages of modern human civilization. The museum presents a unique collection of Bronze Age weapons, Scythians, Sarmatians, medieval Europe, the Ukrainian Cossacks, the Ottoman Empire, the Indo-Persian region, the states of Africa and East Asia.

• Quest rooms - a popular type of leisure activity today that allows you to get incredible emotions and train your brain well. In our city there are quests for every taste, they are represented by the following genres: mysticism, adventure, detective, horror and others. All you have to do is select a quest to taste, assemble a team, and go to a game, each with its own legend. There is only an hour to solve all the mysteries and win. Try your hand.

If you need ideas about how to spend your time in the cold, you can always contact our Tourist Information Center (151 Soborniy Ave.), we will be happy to help you.


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