Love in the air: the new mobile app helps travelers find love

Although "App in the Air" is not designed to ignite romantic feelings, its Tinder-like feature helps to connect with people who are trapped in the same airport or plane.

App in the Air provides real-time flight information, gate changes, landing times, or shutdowns. Since the launch of the service, a small community of avid users has turned into one million active travelers online. Each year, the program monitors more than 20 million flights worldwide. App in the Air gamifies travel and encourages app owners to fly more often.

How does a function that connect nearby travelers work?

For each flight, the user can see other travelers who are at the same departure or arrival airport or on the same flight. The application offers participants friendly tips to start a conversation, like the idea of ​​meeting for coffee. Such a catchphrase has already helped create many friendly, professional or personal relationships.

The "nearby" feature of App in the Air is actively used as an opportunity to build a network and conveniently connect with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and active travelers. It is worth noting that for privacy reasons, the feature is optional.

The application also provides quick answers to common questions that arise during any trip. You can ask everything from Wi-Fi quality at the airport to where to find the best coffee in Singapore.


Another useful feature of the app is the luggage measurement function. For each of their flights scheduled through "App in the Air", the user can see the baggage and carry-on requirements - maximum size and weight. The app measures your luggage with your smartphone camera and uses augmented reality elements. And yet, the "nearby" feature is the most intriguing and exciting, at least among existing travel apps. We wish Happy Valentine's Day to travelers all over the world.


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