Little-known places in Ukraine

Are you sure you know tourist Ukraine well enough? Still hidden from the eye of the inquisitive tourist places can surprise with magical nature, amazing sights and new ideas for recreation. In our selection there are five picturesque places that you may learn about for the first time

Shariv Palace and Park Complex "Sadiba"

Sharivka is the most beautiful and luxurious park and palace ensemble in the East of Ukraine, a real miracle of garden and park art. On the territory of the palace and park complex there are two ponds and many decorative elements (fountains, stairs, alleys, etc.). The highlight of the park is the famous alley of linden trees, the branches of which grow vertically upwards. It is forbidden to enter the palace

Kherson mountains

Kherson Mountains are located on the west side of the city of Kherson, between the villages of Stanislav and Alexandrovka. On the banks of the Dnieper-Bug estuary, where the Dnieper, the Bug and the Black Sea meet, there are high steep banks, gorges and precipices, as well as stone boulders. All of them together create the feeling of a real mountain ridge. From here there is a picturesque view of the estuary and the meeting place of the sea and rivers


Bakota is a flooded village in Podillya, near Kamianets-Podilskyi. Today this place is known for its incredible scenery and silence. Half a century ago, hundreds of families left their homes and farms here. People were evicted and the village was flooded to build a reservoir for a powerful hydroelectric power plant.

Now it is a place with amazing nature. Here you can go fishing, ride a boat or just climb the cliffs to enjoy the scenery

Kinburn Spit

Kinburn Spit is a place for those who need a reboot in nature. A place where little civilization has reached. Here you can still meet a pheasant in the grass and a dolphin in the sea. Here you can collect rapan shells on the shore. If you dreamed of a vacation on the "wild" sea, are not afraid of camping, tents and mosquitoes, love nature and do not harm it, then you should definitely visit Kinburn Spit

Terebovlia viaduct

Business card of Ternopil region. In the village of Plebanivka there is a wonderful and quite unusual architectural monument - a nine-arch stone railway viaduct, which is also called "Terebovlia viaduct". A similar construction had to be seen on TV in Harry Potter movies. There, in a Scottish village in Glenfinnan, the heroes of the film traveled by train across the viaduct to Hogwarts

Terebovlia viaduct was included in the rating of the best bridges in Ukraine

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