Mural "Game" from the series "Rhythm"

Under the project “Contemporary Art for Generation Z", the facade of the music school №5 in Borodynsʹkyy district was decorated with a new mural. The idea and embodiment of Yegor Frut.

According to the artist, sketch comes to mind, immediately, based on the latest developments with collages and graphics in the series "Homework", colors also came to mind, intuitively. For me, change of shape and color are rhythms, feeling like in music. The extreme stage of my work is due largely to collages, both in the material and in the rhythms, moods, feelings in the works. I would say, although it is difficult for me to describe what I do in the process of creating an artwork, that this work is a collage of different genres of music.

To be honest, I rather do it - looking at the finished sketch, and not in advance. Somewhere it is ambient or sounds of nature, a live flute or jew's harp, and where it is multi-layered jazz or even hip-hop.

The Department of Culture and Tourism of the Zaporozhye City Council continues, together with the NGO "Kultprozhektor", the project "Contemporary Art for Generation Z", at the initiative of the mayor Vladimir Buryak.

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