Museum of History of Musikal Instruments “BarabanZA”

An interactive museum where instead of the usual “do not touch” plates, the friendly motto “try to play” sounds. The museum is open to all audiences, children and adults. And the best thing to do here is to answer "yes" and join the game.



There are not many museum projects in Ukraine and Europe that would be so original, dynamic and educational at the same time. The museum presents instruments of different eras and cultures, and this is another attractive secret. The museum offers much more than contemplation of the exhibition, but active participation. Each sound that is born with your breath or touch transforms the living space around, enveloping and stimulating the senses.

And while it may not seem strange to you, your own feelings will not let you lie.

Music, sound, game mechanics are also a way to establish a dialogue with different musical cultures, to understand Africa, the Middle East or Scandinavia.

"Every celestial body, in fact, every atom, produces a certain sound through its movement, rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony… ”, - Pythagoras (569 - 475 BC).

Regardless of your level of preparation, at BarabanZA you will probably find your tool and perhaps a new hobby.


What to see

Singing jugs and "stones"

Each of these tools has an original form and concept. Little secrets of the game will help to hear the mysterious sound. The sound of "whistles" is ethnic and natural, and the tunes that you can get are somewhat meditative.


Mechanical glass marimba 

Demonstration tool - music surrounds us, and the first songs began with simple sounds and things and were accessible to everyone. Compiled from elements that seemingly have nothing to do with music, the mechanical marimba plays tunes from nostalgic to playful.


Steel cello

The sound of this tool immediately generates in the memory of the movie scene, and it is no accident. Most of these and similar tools are used in the profession of foul language, a master of noise effects for cinema and computer games. The cello creates surround sound and, when skillfully used, creates a whole musical story.


Master classes at BarabanZA

The BarabanZA Music Hub is also a cultural space where themed events take place and lectures, workshops and jam sessions alternate with music workshops for children and adults.

Ethnic musical instruments are taught at a music hub.


Currently the following master classes are open for visiting:



Frame drums


Zaporizhzhia tulumbas



The Museum of the History of Musical Instruments BarabanZA is a free and comfortable space for interactive exploration of the sound, the process of its birth, for study or a pleasant weekend getaway.

Museum of the History of Musical Instruments BarabanZA works at the address: 21, Matrosova St., Zaporizhzhia.


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