Hand baggage rates

Hand baggage rates may vary by airline. We've put together a handy infographic to help you quickly navigate your baggage standards before your flight.

We have collected for you the rates of transportation from leading airlines:

UIA - size of hand luggage 55x40x20 cm, weight 7 kg
Pegasus - 20x40x55cm, weight 8 kg
WizzAir - 40x30x20 cm, 10 kg
SkyUp - 55x40x20 cm, 7 kg
LOT - 55x43x20 cm, 8 kg
Motor Sich - the size should not exceed the sum of three dimensions 115 cm, 5 kg
Turkish Airlines - 23x40x 55 cm, 8 kg

Keep short and convenient infographics.
When buying tickets, pay attention again - on the official websites of the companies and check if the information is updated on the day of purchase.

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