New features in Google Maps

Google voice translation and augmented reality technologies are available now. Google's navigation tools have left heavy atlases and paper maps in the past. New tools will help users navigate in many cities no less than local residents.

Voice translation

Google Maps can help you pronounce complex and unfamiliar street names now. The speaker button appears at each address, and when clicked, the text-to-speech technology reads the address aloud. In a foreign country, the language barrier can still be an obstacle, especially if you need to know your destination or tell your destination to a taxi driver, a new Google Maps voice translation will help you cope with these tasks quickly.

Thanks to the updates, the translation feature is also available offline in 59 languages, which will undoubtedly benefit air travel lovers who have to switch phones to "flight mode". In addition, offline translation has become 12% more accurate, and for languages ​​such as Japanese, Korean, Thai, Polish, and Hindi, translation quality is more than 20% higher.

Augmented reality technology

Google Maps augmented reality technology will help you better understand the direction of travel. Arrows and directions appear in the "real world", giving you clear tips on how to best begin the hiking route or how to shorten the path according to what your smartphone camera sees. To use Live View technology, select a destination on Google Maps and make sure pedestrian mode is off. The street should be well lit. Click the live view button next to the start button. The technology has already received a lot of praise and developers are predicting further improvements and new user-friendly additions.

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