News of the Ukrainian Railways

Ukrainian Railways pleases its customers. Finally, a new company website has been launched with a more user-friendly interface. You can easily buy tickets to any destination online, just follow the link:


Also, since the beginning of February, a new service has emerged - passenger luggage delivery. From now on, your suitcases can be delivered from station to station or door to door. Delivery of suitcases weighing up to 36 kg is possible subject to availability of a travel document. The cost will be 200 UAH from the station to the station and 350 UAH if door-to-door delivery is required. Now such service works at the stations of Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv-Passenger and Kiev-Passenger.

By the way, the railway station of Zaporizhzhia-1 for 2019 has a very high rate of ticket sales, almost 1 million, with a total indicator on the territory of Ukraine of 30.4 million sold travel documents.

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