Christmas toys in different countries of the world

New Year's Eve is approaching, and soon there will be a green beauty in every house, which is usually dressed up by the whole family. As jewelry we use glass toys, garlands, rain and more. But in many countries New Year's traditions are completely different from ours.


They are all in their own way interesting and original. How do decorate Christmas trees in different countries? We have collected TOP 7 original Christmas tree decorations.

• France.

Here it is customary to hang red apples on the Christmas tree. They, as a symbol of the harvest, bring to the house of prosperity. Previously, the apples used were genuine, but now they have been replaced with glass replicas.

• USA.

In the United States, in addition to standard decorations, Americans often hang J.-shaped lollipops on the Christmas tree.


• Sweden.

Sweden over the crossroads of the trees creatures of Twarins. Also stink, like a quiet patriot, hang on a yalinka little landowners.

• Dania.

Living in the country to edge the paper's hearts from white and red to the papier, and to renew their hearts and dogs.


• Germany.

An interesting tradition in Germany is to decorate the Christmas tree with real candles. This not-so-safe "design reception" dates back to the sixteenth century, when Martin Luther first decorated Christmas trees with candles to reproduce the lights of the Christmas sky. Today, for the sake of safety, LED bulbs that look like candles are more commonly used.

• Australia.

Since the New Year in Australia falls on summer, the Christmas tree is decorated with summer symbols - turtles, starfish and flowers, as well as figures of local symbols - kangaroos and koalas.


• Brazil.

In Brazil, the New Year is also celebrated in the summer, so the Christmas tree here is decorated with pieces of cotton wool, thereby mimicking the snow.


These are the original Christmas trees with interesting decorations found in different countries of the world. A virtual journey through the New Year's traditions of the peoples of the world will help to decorate the festive tree non-trivially.

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