Updated libraries of Zaporizhzhia

An electronic reader ticket, Wi-Fi, a nice Scandinavian minimalist interior - this is the modern look of Zaporizhzhia libraries. You can find out about new editions in Ukrainian, ask questions and interact with Zaporizhzhia libraries on the official page on the social network Instagram now.

Today in Zaporizhzhia 3 city libraries have been modernized at the following addresses: Gogol, 66; Mayakovsky Ave., 7; Sobornyi Ave., 173. Libraries in the Zavodsky and Kommunarsky districts will also be updated later.

Visitors were already able to appreciate the new cozy atmosphere, high quality of the book stock and new rare and up-to-date editions in Ukrainian.

New literature and new philosophy have made Zaporizhzhia libraries a favorite destination for youth and students.

The modern image of the library also makes it a great platform for community initiatives, literary events, presentations, photo exhibitions.


Finding out about the library news, themed events now becomes even more convenient. A joint account of Zaporizhzhia libraries will surely keep you up to date on the most interesting events.


You can join the literary movement for a pleasant atmospheric reading by subscribing to the page of Zaporizhzhia libraries on the social network Instagram

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