Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming soon and we've lovingly put together a list of gift ideas for you. Whether you have a romantic relationship or are happy alone, looking for a gift for a person you recently met or want to please someone who is not really a fan of the holiday, our short-list will help you find fresh ideas.


Touch bracelets

Send "love" a long distance. Tap on one of the bracelets and the other will vibrate and shine.


Lovebox Messenger

Send heartfelt messages anywhere in the world with this modern interpretation of the classic love note. Send a message and it will appear on a small screen of a cute box, and the heart on the box will start to rotate and announce a new pleasant message. Turn your heart to send a romantic note back to your phone.



Cups with world map

Think back on your travels or draw your next destination with this color map mug.


Gloves for two

Hold your hands in these warm gloves. Included are separate right and left gloves.

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