Gift certificates in TIC: ballooning

New, bright and unforgettable impressions for romantics as well as lovers of active entertainment and adventure. Balloon flight any day in good weather. Great opportunity to create new shared memories with family or friends.


The certificate includes:

40-60 min flight in the sky;



transfer before and after the flight;

certificate certifying flight


How it goes:

The certificate holder informs you of the desired date and time of flight (dawn or sunset), we reserve the balloon and the pilots, you receive the exact confirmation from the pilot one day before the flight, you arrive at the appointed time to the shopping center Caravan, Dnipro. Determine the exact place of departure, depending on the direction and speed of the wind, leave in the field for the city, on pilots, collect a balloon, conduct briefing, take off, enjoy, in 40-60 min landing in another field, passing the dedication ceremony in the balloon, go back to the Caravan. The whole event will take about 3-4 hours.


With you in the basket is a pilot who is responsible for everything and will be able to make a couple of shots on your equipment or help with the offer of hands and hearts.

Restriction: average weight of participants is not more than 90 kg. (That is, when flying together, no more than 180 kg). Each balloon is designed for a certain load capacity, so before flying must understand the approximate weight of participants. Children under 10 years old are not allowed to fly with their parents.

The flight is made in the wind (the balloon is controlled only in height). Clothing should be sporty or semi-sporty and seasonal. Lifting height 350-800m.

Flying in a hot air balloon is a great way to spend the weekend with your family or friends.

You can easily and quickly issue a certificate at the Tourist Information Center

at the address Sobornyi avenue, 151, tel .: 050 424 20 54


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