Travel for disabled people. How to Organize a Comfortable Vacation

Many tour operators and hotels are interested in demonstrating their accessibility for people with disabilities. But in reality, the amount of services and amenities you need to help you have a fun vacation without stress will not be the same for every one of millions of people. Here are some of the most helpful tips and points to check out on the road.


Do a little research

Make a list of people you want to talk to before booking a hotel or tour - you can start with an organization that understands your status. You can also join the group on Facebook and ask other members to tell you about their successful travels, as well as those who did not fare well.

The services you need will be unique to you, will be common touch points and potential pitfalls you never thought of. This will help you prepare a list of questions to ask the airline, tour operator and hotel before booking a room or plane ticket.


All EU airports are legally obliged to provide assistance to disabled travelers if you inform them when booking. For example, the question of getting a wheelchair or any other equipment you need in flight, such as oxygen. It's best to call the airline before booking a flight to make sure everything goes smoothly before parting with cash.

Ask as many questions as possible

Don't be afraid to question everything, even the small details. It matters for your trip. To get an idea of ​​what you might need, learn:

• How much help do you get at the airport and how do you get on the plane?

• Does the hotel have rooms with showers equipped with seats?

• Are there handrails on the stairs?

• How to access the pool?

• Will you be able to book a private transfer and how much will it cost?

Find out more about your upcoming vacation

For beginners, the thought of traveling to another country and long-distance trips may be beyond the comfort zone. Think about all the things you have at home that make your independent life possible, and find a hotel or resort that offers similar conditions. If you want a simple trip to a great place, then you can start by searching on Airbnb. The platform recently acquired a travel company for people with disabilities - Accomable. Online playgrounds now allow people with disabilities to search for housing using a large number of filters, such as a pallet shower and a lift pool.

Contact with industry travel company

A good solution is to book a vacation through a company that understands you. The best tips and tricks can be obtained from people with experience of traveling with disabilities. You can search for a travel company or organization that has the experience and will inspire your confidence.

What better not to do

  • Do not book your vacation according to your "best day".
  • Don't take your word for it, because only you know what you need.
  • Don't travel far in the beginning - start with a short vacation not too far from home before booking your dream trip.
  • Don't put up with bad service. Refer to the hotel management. Your opinion matters.

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