Travelling abroad. Recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Still planning to go on a trip abroad? How to travel safely and what rules should you follow now? Recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 First of all, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends to refrain from traveling.


If you’ve already taken a decision to travel abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges:

  • focus on up-to-date data from WHO (World Health Organization), as well as data published by the Ministry of Health on the number of active cases of COVID-19 per 100 thousand population in different countries of the world
  • if the trip is already planned, contact the airline, travel company or operator through which the trip was booked, find out about the current quarantine status in the country and check the booking status
  • at the same time, contact the diplomatic office of Ukraine in the country where you plan to travel, as well as the representative office of this state in Ukraine. Official authorities will be able to provide complete and up-to-date information about the current quarantine restrictions
  • carefully study the terms of your insurance policy, make sure that it covers losses that may occur in the event of an emergency, including infection with coronavirus
  • make sure that additional funds are available in case of an emergency (cancellation of return flights and the need to purchase new tickets, forced stay in the country longer than planned
  • take with you the necessary medical products personally "in reserve" - in case of a forced delay abroad. Check your health status before traveling. Particularly it’s about older people and those who have chronic diseases, such as bronchial asthma, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases

 If you are already in a country where cases of covid-19 infection are still being registered: "Be sure to contact the nearest diplomatic institution of Ukraine and provide information about your location and contact details. The consuls will only be able to help you if you report yourself.

Register on the web resource "Friend" - so our consuls will have information about you immediately in the digital database. Keep an eye on all reports of local authorities and be sure to provide for the existing requirements, " the Ministry of Foreign Affairs adds.

Phone number of the round-the-clock hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: +38-044-238-16-57, e-mail

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