The results of the certification of Old Town objects are presented

On 19 of December, the Tourist Information Center presented the results of the study and certification of Old Town objects. This work was performed by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the City Council and the Zaporizhzhia Regional Center for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Cultural heritage sites that have been subject to passport certification include, among others, the Zakharin merchant's house, the former city synagogues, the Roche estate, the Belenky apartment building, and other sights of the Old Alexander. Certification gives the opportunity to enter these objects in the State Register of Immovable Cultural Heritage, which guarantees their preservation as part of the national historical and cultural heritage.

The presentation also highlighted the existing problems of preserving the Old Town's cultural heritage, which were accepted for consideration in the proposal for further work in this area, including those objects that require a first passport certification.

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