Press conference dedicated to preparation for the festival Khortytsia Freedom

Today at the Tourist Information Center has been held a press conference regarding preparation for the music festival Khortytsia Freedom 2020.

Khortytsia Freedom 2020 festival will take place on September 19-20 at the familiar location for Zaporozhians and guests- Metallurgists Park, square near the Planetarium.

This summer and autumn, no matter what, have established themselves as a vibrant festival season. The TOLOKA Book Festival, which was successfully held and the gastronomic "Rainbow Picnic", which will take place in the next few days. The Khortytsia Freedom music festival will be a bright firework and the continuation.

Traditionally, the next couple of days of the festival will create a positive mood and unite the music community and appreciators of high-quality music. The festival will be special, because the organizers make a double effort and care, they will scrupulously monitor the provision and compliance with all the rules because the safety and comfort of guests is the utmost priority. Remaining a feast day of a music and the creative spirit, Khortytsia Freedom will impress with an interesting line-up of performers. The constant rule of the festival is live performances and driving atmosphere will be waiting for the spectators.


Khortytsia Freedom, September 19-20

Metallurgists Park, the square near the Planetarium.

Organizer - Zaporizhia City Council

Partner - radio "Lux Fm"

It's free!


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