Project «Ambassadors» in Zaporizhzhia

In this special project «Ambassadors» famous Ukrainians discover the history of towns where they were born and grew in a new way. Famous and creative personalities turn into informal guides and show those places which are not fixed in the guidebooks. A famous TV presenter Yanina Sokolova became an ambassador of Zaporizhzhia.



In the project «Ambassadors», famous people tell about native and important places for them. In 9 programs authors managed to show Ukrainians and world, miraculous and modern parts of the Kharkiv, Kyiv, Barishivka, Drogobych, Kriviy Rig, Lviv,Vinnitsa,  Lutsk. Pavlo Zibrov, Khrystyna Solovii, Pianoboy Dmytro Shurov, band Tank na Maidani Kongo, Alyona Alyona. Series of the fascinating episodes about cities and towns of Ukraine is a part of the project, which is already popular and recognizable-Ukraїner.


Project Ukraїner 

In June 2016 Ukraїner started to work as a media project for enthusiasts of the intellectual mass-media, surprising geographic discoveries and multicultural diversity.

For a few last decades, Ukrainians have been emigrating or moving actively to the big cities, gradually leaving their towns and villages without information about them. The histories of the small settlements didn’t become media, and leaving in family archives and eventually fade from memory. That’s why Ukraїner started to tell stories from all parts of Ukraine especially for Ukrainians. This way we have an aim to revisit historical specificities and cultural codes of his lands; ethnographic, geographic, anthropological and historical interesting things. We hope that it will help to formulate the value of our country and develop a space whew we live instead of leaving it


For an outsider Ukraine is seemed to be as a surprising interesting unpredictable and authentic country, Ukraїner tries to show the country the way Ukrainians and guests see it.

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