Record flight from New York to London

A British Airways aircraft has a record flight from New York to London. The popular itinerary was completed in just under 5 hours.


The airline has confirmed a report published by Flight Radar 24 that says the BA Boeing 747-400 has landed in London after 4 hours and 56 minutes, about two hours ahead of schedule.

According to the website, the aircraft was able to take advantage of the strong air flow to reach the UK in record time. The Ciara storm caused extreme winds, which proved to be beneficial for an aircraft traveling in the same direction.

We always prioritize safety over speed records, but our skilled pilots have been able to make the most of the pre-existing conditions to deliver passengers to London earlier, ”the company said.


The previous record was set for the Norwegian 787, the plane was flying from New York to Gatwick Airport in 5 hours and 13 minutes.

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