Retro Zaporizhzhia: the first trolleybus (video)

70 years ago in Zaporizhzhia the first trolleybus line - "Avenue of Metallurgists - plant" Zaporizhstal "was commissioned. Every day on the line 4 trolleybuses plied.

The project of the first trolleybus line in Zaporizhzhia was developed in 1941. According to the plan of engineers of Kharkov institute "Giprograd" it had to connect "Zaporizhstal" and the Sixth settlement. However, World War II prevented the implementation of these plans. Only eight years later, on December 22, 1949, the solemn start of the trolleybus movement in Zaporizhzhia.

On April 28, 1958, the route # 3 from the Str. A record for the ZTZ plant, which passed through the Dniproges dam. From now on it was possible to get from left to right bank of the Dnieper in minutes.



The total length of urban trolley routes has more than doubled since 1949, up to 30 kilometers. And the trolleybus park of Zaporizhzhia grew to 31 cars. In 1970, composters appeared in the city, taking on the experience of Kharkiv and Kyiv transportation companies. 89 trolleybuses on 8 routes were switched to unmanaged service. The first coupons were sold by season tickets - 5, 10 and 15 pieces each. You could buy them at the driver or at the ticket offices. Fare was 4 pennies.



Interestingly, in 1989, the trolleybus in Zaporizhzhia turned 40 years old. There are 260 trolley buses running on the city's 15 routes, carrying 85 million passengers annually, with a cost of 5 cents.


Today in Zaporizhzhia 52 trolleybuses depart on routes. On September 13, 2019, five city-acquired Dnipro T203 trolleybuses, two of which went on a new route # 1 (Union Square - Khortytsia Tourist Camp), also began operating. The route is organized for easy connection with the island of Khortytsia. Locals and guests of Zaporizhzhia can quickly get to Khortytsya National Reserve, and thanks to the audio-guide system, you can get useful information about Zaporizhzhia and interesting places on the way.


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