Retro Zaporizhzhia. Shopping mall Ukraine.

Located in the near center of Zaporizhzhia, the shopping center Ukraine was built in 1963. Until the 1950s, when new houses were already hanging around in the city center, there were still old clay houses in the area of ​​the Ukraine Shopping Center. How was the city's largest department store built and changed?

The really noticeable impetus for the construction of our city began in the 50s of the last century. Along the main avenue of Zaporizhzhia, one-by-one modern buildings began appearing one by one.

The department store began in 1959 and was designed and executed according to a typical design. Thus, similar, almost identical, department stores were built and opened throughout the USSR at that time.

The new large store has made it possible to employ more than 520 people, about half of whom have become salesmen in departments. The ground floor housed appliances, stationery, toys and musical instruments. Men's and women's clothing, various textiles and carpets could be purchased on the second and third floors.

The department store was approximately 10,000 square meters and remained unchanged until 2004. It was during this period that Ukraine's department store was reconstructed. From now on, a new history of the modern shopping center with an area of ​​over 22,000 square meters begins.

Currently, Soborny Avenue has changed significantly. Rapid development and urbanization have done their part. However, the unique feature of Zaporizhzhia remains the permanent houses of the period of the 1950s, located on Soborny Ave., due to which our city has a special charm.

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