Tip size in different countries of the world

In each country their attitude to tips. For some, they are a must-pay, others you can offend if you try to leave them a little for tea. Briefly, you need to know about tips to avoid unpleasant situations.


  • Spain

To pay or not to tip in Spain depends on the quality of service. In restaurants for good service, it is customary to leave a 5-10% tip, regardless of whether the service is included in the bill or not. You can book a concierge and maid's tea for $ 1 per day. Taxi drivers in Spain accepted - 10% or round off the bill.

  • Poland

In Poland, tips are eagerly accepted. Waiters' salaries are not very high, so extra money is always helpful. Restaurants pay extra 10% of the order amount. Hotels can stay for $ 1 a day. It is not customary to give tea in taxis or coffee shops.

  • USA

The culture of gratuity in the United States is so developed that most employees expect additional pay. In American restaurants, an extra 20% of the bill is recommended. If you only ordered coffee at a small coffee shop, simply round up the amount or leave $ 1. Such generous sums are easy to explain: for employees of cafes and restaurants that earn a minimum hourly wage, tips often make up the bulk of the income. The hotel, when providing various services, it is accepted to pay $ 4 per day. Tipping is customary to give the maid, the receptionist, the carrier, the maids. The taxi driver calculates 15% of the amount of the bill. For coffee it is accepted to leave $ 1.

  • Turkey

Tipping in Turkey is generally accepted in restaurants and hotels. Restaurants leave about 15%, if not already listed. If you only ordered coffee, you can safely pay extra $ 1. It is appropriate for hotel staff, carriers and maids to leave $ 1-2 a day as a thank you. Tip taxi drivers are not allowed to give, but you can round off the amount or add $ 1 to the bill.

  • Cuba

Tipping in Cuba is kind of the responsibility of tourists. At least that's what the locals think. The standard tip is considered to be: 10% of the restaurant bill, $ 2 in hotel maids and carrier per day, taxi driver 5-10% of the fare, when ordering coffee, it is necessary to leave 10% of the cost of coffee.

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