Certificates in the TIC: Pottery and Ceramics master classes

What you need to know about pottery: it develops motor skills, both in adults and children, has a calming effect and promotes the development of imagination. You can try your hand at pottery or painting or impress your friends with certificates from the Tourist Information Center.


Pottery master class

What will you get with the certificate:

  • short instruction from an experienced master
  • acquaintance with clay and advice of the master on the future product
  • couple of hours of work and creative process, emotions and impressions


How it all goes

The certificate holder will visit a pottery studio where he will be met by an experienced craftsman and spend at the desk where the magic of working with clay will take place.



Master class in ceramics painting

What will you get with the certificate:

  • brushes
  • quality paints
  • ceramic product for painting

Traditional ornamental ceramic painting is considered a brand of Ukrainian culture. There are a large number of paintings that have already gained their popularity, both in Ukraine and abroad. However, the most recognizable technique, the national heritage is the Petrikov painting. This is a very fine, almost jewelry work that can be learned during a master class.


How it all goes

Ceramic product is decorated with colored clay and brushes. An interesting and meditative process where imagination and creative thinking are involved guarantees a good result. After the master class will have to wait 2 weeks until the product is fired and glazed. You can choose the color of the glaze.

You can quickly and conveniently purchase the certificate from the Tourist Information Center at the address Soborny avenue, 151

9am to 6pm without breaks and weekends

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