In what Zaporizhian cafes you can drink a glass of water in the heat

Summer in the city guarantees hot days. What Zaporizhian establishments are ready to help and save you from heat and thirst?

In the menu of the city’s establishments, you will definitely find craft lemonades, fruit drinks and compotes. But are employees ready to respond to the request and just offer a glass of water? We checked the hospitality of several restaurants and cafes.

Jays : Coffee Brewers

Soborny Avenue, 151

Soborny Avenue, 175

In addition to coffee drinks, all Jays : Coffee Brewers establishments offer free water. Beautiful glasses and water from the cooler will save you on a hot summer day. Baristas are willing to offer water without lengthy requests

Cholla & Joshua

Soborny Avenue, 200

Water is offered here without restrictions, to all guests. Corner near the bar: glasses, tap with drinking water, napkins. At Cholla & Joshua, it's nice to stay at least for a while to cool off, even if you're not planning lunch or dinner. The staff is friendly


Mayakovskogo Avenue, 3

Workers sent you to the corner with glasses and water very quickly. In Zappathey are also happy to take care of your pets

Tourist Information Center

Soborny Avenue, 151

You can find shelter in the heat, drink a glass of water and, if necessary, get advice on the city's tourist attractions at the Tourist Information Center. The atmosphere here is always pleasant, and after a moment of rest here, you can learn about upcoming events and interesting occasions to plan your weekend


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