What you need to know about the virus

Brief rules and guidelines to follow during quarantine restrictions.

1. The virus does not circulate in the air, it is not able to travel long distances

2. The virus is only present in the drops that a person exhales while sneezing or coughing

3. Even an infected person cannot be infected if you are more than 1.5 meters away.

4. Also the virus is able to live on surfaces covered with plastic, copper, longest - on steel (from 3 hours to several days)

5. There are currently no recommended medicines for the prevention or treatment of infection

6. Elderly and people with chronic illnesses and low immunity are in the highest risk zone

7. There is currently no official confirmation that pets may be carriers of the new virus

8. There is also no evidence of the transmission of the virus through the fruit, this is not a good environment for long-term survival of the virus

9. According to WHO reports, COVID19 cannot be infected because of a parcel from countries where the infection is registered

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