What to do to Ukrainians who are currently abroad

Recommendations on how to get back to Ukraine by road, tips for citizens who are currently abroad.

1) You can return home by road (links to the online map of the checkpoint load - посилання на інтерактивну мапу завантаженості пунктів пропуску). According to the Government's decision, 123 checkpoints continue to operate. 107 checkpoints are shutting down until April 3.

2) For all Ukrainians who do not have time to return home by 17 of March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is advised to contact the Ukrainian Consulates and register with the "Friend" system «ДРУГ»


3) Contact the embassy or consulate in your country by calling the hotline on the official website, e-mail, or their social media pages.  


 Ukrainian mobile operators have abolished roaming charges for government hotlines.


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