What is Glamping?

The newest trend of luxury recreation in the environment. Here's what you need to know about the modern day equivalent of camping that combines the hiking trails of the past with the technological conveniences of the future.


Glamping is a outdoor recreation with the comfort of a 5-stars hotel. Glamorous camping quickly turned into a mainstream.

The tent city is surrounded by pristine natural landscapes, where there is no need to collect firewood, cook and can not be afraid to wake up in the morning in the rain or in the cold - is this not the best rest?


But the idea, like so many ideas in the world, is not completely new. During the diplomatic meeting of the English and French kings Henry VIII and Francis I in 1520, known as the meeting at the Field of the Golden Brocade, 2800 tents were installed. Many of them had luxurious banquets and wine fountains.

The tradition became more widespread in the early 1900s, when it became fashionable to go on a safari to Africa among wealthy American and European travelers.


Most glampigs offer large double beds, here you will find a comfortable bathroom with spa-style cosmetics, a coffee maker, a toaster or even a fully equipped kitchen. You can cook on an open fire, but there is usually a restaurant serving high-quality cuisine.

Glamping- campuses have become even more luxurious today and now you can spend the weekend in a tent with a hot tub and a warm floor, using the services of a personal assistant.

From luxurious tent campsites to yurts and tree houses, there are dozens of offers for those seeking uncompromising comfort and pristine natural landscapes.

Zaporizhzhia with its nature, green slopes, rivers and lakes is ideally suited for a glamping holiday. Do you have a favorite place where you would like to meet the dawn with comfort and a cup of coffee? Share your ideas with us in the comments.


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