What to take for a snack on the road?

Are you going on a trip? We have selected for you the TOP-5 useful and light snacks that you definitely need to take on the road. Remember that a snack can be wholesome and delicious

1. Mozzarella and apple slices

The best road snacks include protein, as well as small amounts of healthy fats and complex carbohydrates to reduce hunger and replenish energy. The combination of mozzarella and apples best copes with this task.

2. Jerky - pieces of dried meat

Protein is the most nutritious substance that can satisfy hunger. To choose the best product, pay attention to the number of ingredients, prefer a product without preservatives and low in salt.

3. Carrots or grapes

Quite often, our desire to chew delicious is caused by boredom. This is more of a way to spend time than a real need for food. Carrots and grapes are a good choice to occupy yourself with benefit and without guilt. In addition, the crunch of carrot sticks will help you not fall asleep on the road.

4. Nuts and seeds

Rich in the right fats and proteins, nuts are the perfect snack to travel. Nuts are available at any time of the year and taste good on their own. But you can also try a different strategy and make your own mix on the go, combining your favorite nuts and dried fruits. Seeds are also a good source of healthy fats and magnesium.

5. Whole grain crackers

Quality cookies or crackers are an indispensable component of the basic set of snacks. Add cheese or nut butter to them. This combination is useful and at the same time guarantees a tasty pursuit of healthy habits

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