Days of hospitality in Zaporizhzhia. "Museum Forum" - program and speakers

The Museum Forum will be held on November 21 as part of the Days of Hospitality in Zaporizhzhia. The Museum Forum aims to bring together a community of museums, galleries and collectors to define the role of the museum in the contemporary city.


Forum participants learn about best museum practices and work together to answer questions about how a museum can influence local community development and what makes a museum popular.

The forum will be held under the slogan "Museum - a window to the future".


National speakers are waiting for you:

Pavel Gudimov:

- founder of the Art Center "I Gallery" and architectural workshop "I Design"

- curator of museum projects: "Angels", "Project Aeneid", "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. Exhibition"

- founder of the publishing house "Artbuk"

- founder of the bands "Ocean Elzy" and "Gudimov"


Kateryna Chueva:

- President of ICOM (International Association of Museums and Professional Museum Workers)

- General director of the National Museum of Arts named after Bohdan and Barbara Hanenko.


Cyril Lipatov:

- curator of scientific projects of the Odessa Art Museum

- Explores the city at Urban Inst

- studied cultural anthropology at Central European University in Budapest

- Candidate of Historical Sciences


Elena Goncharuk:

- Head of the Dovzhenko Center Cinema Museum

- Lecturer on the project "Cult or Culture: Developing Participatory Practices in the Museum."

- curator of the museum space in which the viewer can get to know himself and the world through the art of cinematography


Yulia Vaganova:

- General director’s deputy of the Art Arsenal

- art critic, art manager

- Coach of institution development and site-specific projects

- Lecturer at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture


We invite everyone to take part in. Registration by November 18th. 

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