Tax Free: How to buy and receive compensation correctly

Tax Free system is a chance to avoid big expenses and enjoy shopping completely. How to buy and how quickly to pay back?

Tax Free is a service that allows tourists to recover part of the amount of their purchases in a foreign country because, as citizens of Ukraine, they are not obliged to pay VAT abroad. You can use the service by finding the stores where this system works. They can be identified by Tax Free stickers, relevant ads or by simply asking the store staff.

The most "generous" countries where you can return from 19% to 27% of the cost of goods are:


• Hungary 27%

• Sweden 25%

• Denmark 25%

• Croatia 24%

• Belgium 21%

• Norway 25%

• Finland 24%

• Iceland 24%

• United Kingdom 20%

• Ireland 23%

• Austria 20%

• Bulgaria 20%

• Czech Republic 21%

• Estonia 20%

• France 20%

• Germany 19%

• Greece 24%

• Italy 22%

• Poland 23%


How to get Tax Free Payment:

1. Take a Tax Free Check (voucher) to make a purchase, indicating:

• Last name and first name of the buyer

• country of residence

• passport number

• amount and date of purchase 


2. At customs, leaving the country, stamp on the Tax Free voucher

3. Receive monetary compensation at special points located at the airport. This can also be done in Ukraine, at banks that cooperate with the Tax Free operator. The Global Blue operator operates in Ukraine, payment can be obtained through Pravex Bank, in cash or on a card.

Good luck and nice shopping! Buy wisely and enjoy your shopping amount of compensation

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