Top 5 scenic routes by train

Today, we provide a great deal of speed. Fast internet, smartphone, plane instead of train. However, going on vacation, we still want to get positive emotions and spend that time without haste. The sweet memories of childhood will be returned by an exciting European train ride.

1. Glacier Express Switzerland

It is considered to be the slowest express in the world and the most famous at the same time. It combines the famous alpine resorts of St. Moritz and Zermatt, and is striking in its majestic beauty. The red-and-white train at an altitude of 2,000 meters passes through 91 tunnels and 291 cities. Thanks to the large panoramic windows you will see mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes and settlements, as in a fairy tale.

Length of the route: 290 kilometers.

Travel time: 8 h 03 min.

Ticket price: approximately $ 120 - $ 150.

2. Venice-Simplon-Orient Express - aristocrat among trains

His path goes through the famous cities of Europe: Venice, Rome, Prague, London, Paris. From the first step you will find yourself in an atmosphere of sophistication and style. Your own steward brings you to his compartment. French chefs will treat you with specialties. An exquisite wine list will not leave you indifferent.

London-Paris-Venice is a classic day trip through the Swiss Alps to magical Venice. However, travel times may vary from one day to 5 depending on the route.

Length: Depending on the route selected.

Travel time: from one day to 5.

Ticket price: depending on the route

3.Dunai Express or hotel on wheels

It starts its journey from Budapest and runs on different routes through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany.

The program provides a variety of tours, from 4 days to 12. Near each compartment there is a personal butler who will help in solving any questions.

Length: Depending on the route selected.

Travel time: from 4 days to 12 days.

Ticket price: depending on the route.


4. Semmering Bahn, Austria

The Austrian railway was laid in the nineteenth century and is the oldest in Europe.

The route of the train runs from Gloggnitz to Murztsuslag.

During the trip you will see 14 tunnels, 100 stone and 11 iron bridges.

And all this against the backdrop of magical majestic mountains.

Length: 41 km

Travel time: about 1 hour Ticket price: depending on the route

5. The train of the Four Capitals - Kiev, Minsk, Vilnius, Riga

You can see the beauty of these famous capitals: Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Lithuanian and Latvian. Outside your compartment, picturesque landscapes, beautiful cities and villages, clear lakes and rivers, will flow. During your journey you will be inspired by new experiences and emotions for a long time.

Length: 1061 km.

Travel time: 20 hours

Ticket price: from 1370 to 4330 UAH.


3.Дунайский Экспресс или отель на колесах

Начинает свой путь с Будапешта и курсирует по разным маршрутам через Венгрию, Румынию, Болгарию, Турцию, Польшу, Чехию, Германию. Программой предусмотрено разнообразные туры, от 4-х дней до 12. У каждого купе дежурит персональный дворецкий, который поможет в решении любых вопросов.

Длина: в зависимости от выбранного маршрута.

Время в пути: от 4-х суток до 12.

Цена билета: в зависимости от маршрута.

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