TOP-5 cities with the best sightseeing bus tours

Analytics from the tickets searching website TicketLens made a rating of the best sightseeing bus tours/


The specialists paid attention to such factors as ticket cost, number of outstanding attractions, routes, tours, languages available for audio guides, duration of journeys.

The best city for guided bus tours Hop-On Hop-off became Porto in Portugal. The ticket cost is just 17 euro. For that price you can see 35 attractions. The bus tour guide lasts 103 minutes, tours take place with the help of audio guide in 12 languages.

On the second place is the Maltese capital Valletta. The ticket will cost 20 euro. The bus passes the route in about 3 hours.

The next in the list is Kuala Lumpur. The ticket in Malaysia costs 11 euro, the route goes through almost 40 outstanding places in the region.

To top-5 also entered Cape Town, RSA (ticket costs 13 euro) and London, Great Britain (ticket costs 35 euro).

The most expensive guide tour bus runs in Dubai, UAE. Tourists pay almost 70 euro for a ticket. Buses Hop-On Hop-off help travelers to see as much interesting places as possible for minimal time. 


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