Travel Trends 2020

Preparation for the New Year continues and goes into the active phase. Time to draw conclusions and predict new trends in the travel industry. How are trips made more convenient and why do travelers refuse to consume excessively?


• Ecotourism

Some travelers already estimate the number of their flights and realize that the emissions from the aircraft affect the atmosphere much worse than the exhaust emissions of land transport. The emergence of a new term "flyshiming", which means shame for flying a plane, indicates that people are aware of this issue.

• Cash free
The rosette of technological permissions for an ordinary tourist may not bother to get ready for an hour more expensive. Increasingly, you can see the inscription "Only cards". .Allow me to do it manually, and I allow you to protect your pennies. You only need to responsibly approach the choice of an application with a profitable conversion rate.


• Vegan Trips 

This can be not only visits to gastronomic places in certain countries, but also visits organizations whose activities are aimed at improving the environmental situation in the region. Warsaw and Berlin will be the most accessible for Ukrainian tourists.


• Work on remote access

Recently, the number of vacancies that allow you to work remotely from your main office is growing rapidly. Breaking free for two or three weeks is sometimes only possible with the agreement of the employer. It is important to reconcile the time and hours difference with the team when it comes to the IT industry, for example.


• Data personalization 

Today, thanks to social networks and messengers, a wealth of information about us is freely available, so don't be surprised that hotels, restaurants and airlines are clearly geared to your tastes and interests. Targeted advertising is currently working on "excellent".

• Gig economy

For many people, this is a new and incomprehensible term. Gig economy is a mechanism by which employees are hired for a short period without formal registration. So, pouring cocktails on the beach or picking grapes, you can also get acquainted with the culture of the new country.


• Holidays rest (Nakation)

Yes, it can surprise many people, but this trend is gaining ground in the world. Popular glossy magazines are already publishing top lists of beaches and restaurant establishments where you can see what is called "what a mother has given birth to".

• Travel with a Purpose

Such trips will continue to be popular next year, because this type of vacation is interesting to many people with its productivity. These can be any thematic tours: foreign language learning, volunteering, fitness tours, training and conferences, vacations alongside celebrities


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