Three Secret Locations in Zaporizhzhia

We would like to share secret locations in our city with you. Three cave with a veranda on Khortytsia Island. This interesting landscape monument is located on the coast of the island in the waters of the Old Dnipro. Nature created a kind of veranda with a stone canopy inside the cave.

It is especially pleasant to admire Zaporizhzhia landscapes from this location. You can get to the cave from Khortytskyi district.

А також маємо ще дві неймовірні локації на Хортиці. Додаємо фото, але не вказуємо координати. Зможете впізнати, де вони знаходяться?
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And we also have two more incredible locations on Khortytsia Island. We add photos and do not specify coordinates. Can you tell where they are?
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Фото [1-2] @zp_foto

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