Horoscope 2020

Many of us are fond of horoscopes. What to expect from 2020, where to go on vacation and when to plan it better?



For this zodiac sign, something unexpected and original will fit perfectly. Finland may be an interesting country for them. During the New Year and Christmas holidays there are simply amazing. Moreover, the stars advise exactly that. The rest of Aries is better spent somewhere in Scandinavia.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are advised to consider exotic Africa and moderately cool Baltic countries. Do not be frightened by the amount of money spent on holidays on the burning continent. It is likely that the guide will facilitate this trip. After hot Africa, you will be drawn to the Baltic coast and the incredible scenery of Latvia.


You don't have to relax at the beginning of the year. Working and home chores won't let the Twins get bored. It is better to start the summer with some family and friends. But the really interesting and intense adventures of the star prophesy to you in the beginning of autumn. The Adriatic coast will be the best choice and will allow the already already fortunate Gemini to rest for all 100 percent!


Although this sign is distinguished by its attraction to comfort of a rather high level, adventurism is still inherent in them. A company of close friends will be able to induce  Cancer to break into a rather unpredictable trip with tents and hammocks in the warm season, and already closer to winter you will definitely want to go to the ski resort. Change traditions, it's great!


Representatives of this zodiac sign aim to show everyone the results of their vacation. The lions certainly want their bronze tan to go unnoticed by others. The stars predict rest for the Lions in the spring (UAE, Tunisia, Turkey) and autumn (France, Italy, Germany). It is better to go without your half and friends. Astrologers claim that you will get new emotions this year on your travels without them.



A relaxed flirtation and a healthy lifestyle are at stake. This is the forecast of the stars who advise to plan a trip in the beginning of autumn and pay attention to Germany or the Czech Republic. If your financial capacity does not allow you to visit these European countries, then the Azov or Black Sea will also help to distract from everyday life!


Seal-style recreation is not about Libra. They strive for an unforgettable journey with a taste of mystery and something new. Astrologers suggest that you pay attention to Scotland or Ireland. If you plan to travel by the end of October, you can celebrate Halloween there. Such a trip will surely be remembered by the representatives of this zodiac sign for a long time!



Countries such as Norway and Sweden will benefit from this stubborn sign in 2020. If the Scorpions have already decided to go to the edge of the world, then to convince them of something else, the pursuit is meaningless. The mysterious fjords and nature of the north will fascinate even the experienced traveler! Majestic Sweden with incredibly beautiful architecture will also be a pretty viable alternative for Scorpio travelers.



In the coming year of the Rat, you will always be accompanied by a fortune and luck! All the troubles and problems of 2019 will soon be forgotten. Astrologers are advised to start traveling in the spring. Great choice for Sagittarius will be Italy and Malta. A seaside vacation that can be combined with a visit to a bright carnival is what you need!



Cheaply in 2020, the stars are advised to travel to Capricorns. They see them in the land where the sun rises. It is Japan that will be the place where you can take a break from the bustle and really enjoy the combination of the majestic East and the developed West. Interesting traditions, original culture and incredible scenery - it's all about Japan!



Latin America is what prophesy to Aquarius stars. The winter months will be a good time because the weather there is just perfect at this time. The mysteries of the Mayan civilization, one of the coolest and most beautiful beaches in the world and original authentic cuisine awaits tourists in Mexico and Argentina.



An interesting choice in terms of recreation awaits next year Pisces. They are recommended by the stars to visit Bulgaria or Italy. The first option will be useful for fans of classic beach holidays, who already have everything in their wardrobe. For the most active fashionistas, Italy, with its incredible shopping sensibilities, will become a top vacation spot where you can supplement your clothing collection.


The stars advise, however, it is up to us to decide in what country and how to get new emotions and impressions! The main thing: travel! :-)

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