Ukrainian lighthouses will be opened for tourists

Ukrainian beacons will be open for tourists at weekends. They made this decision because a lot of tourists asked to let them visit the beacons.


Ukraine supports international practice because the beacons are not only a navigational object but also a part of the cultural and historical heritage.


Nowadays, these objects are open for visiting: Vorontsov Lighthouse in Odesa, Front Siversov Lighthouse in Mykolaiv, Genichesky and Stanislav-Adzhigolsky rear lighthouses in the Kherson region. This list is planned to be extended. DU "Derzhhidrohrafiya" will provide the service.


Ukraine is a member of „The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities“.This organization recommends to take measures for saving and marketing of the historic lighthouses, inform the society about the role of the lighthouses and objects, which maintain the security of the navigation in the waters of Ukraine. The popularization of the lighthouses gives an opportunity to inform the public about of the state's obligations regarding navigation and hydrographic support of navigation, protection of the marine environment, search and rescue at sea, the Government Portal page states.

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