Presentation of Anatoly Boyko's Collection of Works

There was the presentation of the two-volume edition of the works by outstanding Zaporizhzhian historian and source expert Anatoly Vasilyevich Boyko in the Zaporizhzhia public city library.

Anatoly Boyko went down in the history of our native land as the founder of the scientific school of the Southern Ukraine history, the professor, and the teacher. Then the followers of his scientific school began systematizing the developments of Anatoly Vasilyevich. As a result, we have the two-volume collection about the Zaporizhzhia region history, which was presented today to the city residents.

- The publication presents Professor Boyko's works, which are an extremely bibliographic rarity and almost not available to researchers now. This collection is consists of the scientific articles and studies by Anatoly Boyko from 1986 till 2010, in which he raised the topics of the settlement of Southern Ukraine, the period of the Cossacks, the life in the Alexander Fortress's and the old Alexandrovsk's time. All these topics are disclosed easily so that it is equally interesting to read for both the historian and the average reader. We thank for city government support, with the help of which the two-volume edition was published so easily and quickly, - said Viktor Milchev, the Dean of the Faculty of History, ZNU.

The event was organized as part of the implementation of the city program for the protection of historical and cultural monuments for 2018-2022. The initiators of the idea and its performers were the figures of the Zaporizhzhia Scientific Society named after I. Y. Novitsky and the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Zaporizhzhia City Council. Anatoly Boyko's brother-in-scientific, his friends and his relatives took part in the presentation.

The book can be found in the city library funds.

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