The remnants of shopping malls of the old city were found in Zaporizhzhia

During the reconstruction of the Pioneer Square, archaeologists discovered the remains of Old Alexander's trading floors.


"As a result of archaeological excavations, brick and granite stairs were discovered during the reconstruction of the Pioneer Square's landscaping to the Lower Gostiny Row of the Trade Row, which was located on the modern Pochtovaya Street" , - reported on the page of the Department of Architecture and Urban Development.


The trading rows on Old Alexander Square were located on the site of the modern Pioneer Square in 1874-1905 and 1911-1943. Trading Rows are known to have three parallel rows of benches. They were destroyed during the Second World War, in 1943, when the liberation of Zaporizhzhia took place. In this case, the archaeologists were able to identify the steps leading to the basement of the shop floor.

Archaeological research continues, and later the findings will be transferred to the Regional Museum of Local History.

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