The wreckage of an ancient ship (video)

The diver of Zaporizhzhia Yuriy Bataev published a new video in the framework of studies of sunken ships. Underwater footage shows the wreckage of a large ship, probably dating back to the Russo-Turkish War.


The video shows the wreckage of a flotilla ship, which, according to researchers, returned from Ochakov after the siege. Favorable weather conditions made it possible to carry out a project to study several ancient ships sunk on the Dnieper. The ship is a unique find for Ukraine, and video-recording will help in the further work of archaeologists. Recall that the Zaporizhzhia Museum of Navigation today houses the famous Cossack Seagull, which was raised from the bottom of the river in 1999. The museum is one of the largest museums of navigation in Europe, it also remains a workshop for the restoration of ancient vessels, Cossack seagulls and artifacts raised from the bottom of the Dnieper.

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