Unique finds in Zaporozhye. Researchers continue to study Mennonite memorials found on Khortitsa Island

Today is the first phase of the study, which began in the summer of 2019, when scientists discovered the tombstones of the Mennonite cemetery in the Upper Khortytsia last century.

Upon completion of the first phase of the project, the monuments are stored under the supervision of Khortytsia National Reserve staff. Already, the findings are systematized and presented in chronological order.

The presentation took place with the participation of the author of the study Maxim Statsky, representatives of the Directorate of Khortyts National Reserve, Deputy Mayor ..., representatives of the Mennonite community from other cities of Zaporizhzhia, historians and scientists. During the meeting, the researchers discussed archaeological research in more detail and discussed the further fate of unique historical artifacts. The implementation of the project implies the possible creation of a memorial in Zaporozhye. The decision can be made jointly with the local community and descendants of the Zaporozhye Mennonites.


Recall that on 22 of July, the Khortytsia National Reserve started archaeological excavations near the former Mennonite cemetery in Upper Khortytsia, where one of the largest Mennonite colonies, Rosenthal, was located in the last century.

A number of tombstones were freed from the foundation of the dilapidated building, on which information about the buried representatives of the Mennonite community was well preserved. Among the names are also the names of the representatives  families of the founders of famous enterprises of Zaporizhzhia.




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