Two unusual museums will be opened in the nearest future!

One of them is the Museum of Specialized Transport, and the second one is the Museum of the History of Architecture.

The Museum of Specialized Transport.

According to the idea, new project will include more than a hundred units of retro cars, a private park and a stage for musical performances. The building will be located on “Shtabna Street” on the territory of former “Dniprospetsstal”. Even now more than 100 types of uncommon vehicles are presented in that open-air museum. There are unique French bus and trolleybus named "Yalta", the history of which was widely covered by national media.

The format and exposition of the museum will not replicate the existing collections of retro cars. Later the large area will turn into a green park with cozy alleys and will have a stage for musicians' performances.

According to the owners words the recreation area, named "JoyBay" will have its own bus stop. Oles Kalnytskyi, the project manager of "JoyBay", is planning to equip the park for good and all, so after that in 2021 "JoyBay" will be officially presented to the residents of the city.

An extraordinary idea about combination of ​historical exposition and leisure become a good reason to look forward to the opening.

The Museum of the History of Architecture will appear in Zaporizhzhia soon.Today the first part of the museum is being assembled. It will include expositions dedicated to Old Oleksandrivsk and Mennonite settlements.

The museum will become a big part of the historical and cultural infrastructure, which will provide an opportunity to understand the phases of development of the city and its achievements. It will be the first municipal museum which become a part of the tourist infrastructure of Zaporizhzhia.

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