Board Games Evening at ZaporizhzhiaCity.Hub

Haven't found a occupation for next weekend yet ? ZaporizhzhiaCity.Hub has a good night, gather friends and visit us on Saturday, 22 February at 5:00 pm. Game Evening Star is a fantastic and addictive PictoricBox game.

The idea of ​​the game

No matter if you are a family or a fun company of friends, PictoricBox will bring you even closer together.
Set aside your gadgets and choose real communication.

PictoricBox will amaze you with a variety of game scenarios where you can choose how you want to play. In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the unique high-quality illustrations on each card, which were made by Ukrainian artists, and small exclusive elements of the game will help you to expand your imagination.

In addition, the most important part of the game is that your company learns a lot about your close friends, and of course you will have the pleasure of getting ready for the game and its process. Play with "closed" or "open script" and you can really create your own rules.

The game includes:

- Flexible magnetic field

- six fun colorful magnetic Pictorics (player chips)

- six cubes corresponding to Pictorics (in color)

- more than one hundred unique playing cards, authorship of Ukrainian illustrators


The history of the game

The creative team worked hard to achieve one common goal - to bring people and Ukrainian art together. And art has never been so close, easy, fun and even casual. For many years the Sky Art Foundation has been successfully collaborating with Ukrainian artists. So it's no wonder that the idea of ​​making art accessible to all came up in a community where the overriding goal is to bring people together. And the game authors did it in the most creative way. The Sky Art Foundation, together with the group, has been preparing a lot of fun throughout the year to create opportunities for friends and families to enjoy their time together in lively conversation.

PictoricBox is a fantasy flight of many creative people.

Looking forward to a nice evening at a warm, cozy company

22 February at 17.00, ZaporizhzhiaCity.Hub, 151 Soborniy Ave.


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