Easter decor

Easter is a special time of a year for many cultures. There are beautiful decorations around the world in the form of bunnies, birds and, of course, Easter eggs. How do delicious symbols and Easter attributes look in different countries?



This country has a multicultural heritage and unlike most countries, the main symbol of Easter in Australia is not the traditional bunny, but Bilby, a small rodent with a long nose and ears. To express their concern about the endangered species, Australian chocolate companies make chocolate bilbies sharing some of their profits to protect these animals from extinction. Chocolate bilbies is what you will see during the Easter in Australia, on the table and as a gift.



Rabbits, birds and Easter eggs are the traditional symbols when decorating the Easter table. All the decorations are mostly yellow. Easter egg hunt is also traditional for Norwegian culture.



At the Easter table in Brazil and as gifts to be exchanged, you can see unusual chocolate Easter eggs of different sizes with candies and toys inside. Here you can find Easter eggs from famous brands and home-cooked ones. One of the famous types of Easter eggs is the Ovos de Páscoa de Colher, which is only a half of a chocolate egg filled with various types of cream.



Just like for Christmas, families decorate their homes and prepare a special table and feast, but green and yellow are the dominant colors for this time of year; feathers with beautiful ornaments and easter eggs can be seen around the house as decorations. Families get together to paint and decorate Easter eggs. Like many other countries, there is Easter hunting in Denmark, with adults hiding chocolate eggs around the house and children play fun games. 


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