Beyond - is an exhibition of works by modern masters of the author's doll

To create their works, the masters chose paintings by surrealist artists and made parts of canvases outside the painting itself. Thanks to new techniques and techniques, surrealistic images have shifted into a three-dimensional world. You can see the fantastic exposition in Olga Grechukha's gallery until 23 February.

In daily life, we adhere to rules, written or unwritten rules, in one way or another. Therefore, in the project, the masters decided to go beyond. In addition, the authors tried themselves in new directions, mastered new techniques, went beyond the usual ones.


To create the works, the masters chose paintings by surrealist artists. Surrealism is a trend in the literature and art of the 20th century, which developed in the 1920s in Western avant-garde artistic culture. The basic concept of surrealism, surrealism - a combination of dream and reality. To do this, the surrealists offered an absurd, contradictory combination of naturalistic images through collage.


The exhibition presents the works of 15 masters from Zaporizhzhia, Kiev, Kharkov, Severodonetsk, Melitopol, Kropyvnytskyi. Also involved in the project is Zaporizhzhia surrealist artist Alexander Usachev. His unusual paintings became the main motif in the works of some of the masters. Visitors and guests of the exhibition have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical world of dolls, to get acquainted with and communicate with craftsmen, and even to buy a favorite work in memory.

The exhibition will run until 23 of February

Olga Grechukha Art Gallery st. Fortechna, 67,

working hours from 11.00 am  to 4.00 pm

Weekend - Monday, Tuesday Admission is 30 UAH, free of charge for preschool children

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