Zaporizhzhia Airport broke last year's record for the number of passengers

In 2019, the number of passengers crossed the border for the first time in two decades in 434 thousand passengers. Compared to 2018, when just over 400,000 people were transported, this figure increased by 8.5%.

Almost 326 thousand people were transported on international airlines (6.7% more than in 2018), and on domestic airlines - 108 thousand (an increase of 14%).
Such high results were achieved despite the temporary closure of the strip overhaul.


In the last month of 2019, the airport served 34% more passengers than in 2018, which is more than 41,2 thousand people. The increase was observed both on international airlines, which served more than 30.3 thousand people (an increase of 33%) and on domestic ones - almost 11 thousand people (an increase of 36%).

We look forward to opening new destinations and more passengers in 2020.

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