Ukraine through the eyes of foreigners. Zaporizhzhia in the release of the English-language television show DISCOVER DESTINATION UA (video)

The objective of the project is to represent Ukraine from a cultural, tourist and business perspective, looking at it with the eye of a foreigner. Hosts Johnny from Sweden and Dimitrios from Greece visited our city to showcase it in a new way.

In the 13th episode of the program dedicated to Zaporozhye, the authors told about where Ukrainian samurai, Cossacks used to live; showed the bird's eye view of Khortytsia's largest river island in Ukraine, and added some interesting explanations and demonstrations as to why Zaporizhzhia is the largest industrial center.

The guests visited the Tourist Information Center, on a tour of "Steel'ne misto Z" in Zaporizhzhia, visited Khortytsia Island and the Phaeton Museum of Retro Cars.

We are glad that we liked the stay in Zaporozhye \ the authors of the program and enjoy the video that turned out. The quality tourist products and offers of Zaporozhye are becoming more accessible, including for our foreign guests.

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