Meeting of the Coordination Council

A meeting of the Coordination Council on tourism development and recreation of Zaporizhzhia City Council with the city’s tourist asset has taken place today.

During the meeting there were discussed such topics as:

  • consequences of the pandemic for tourist destinations
  • a plan for the tourism industry in Zaporizhzhia to exit the quarantine

3 stages for exiting the quarantine during the period from May to December have been developed. The success of each stage depends on reducing the dynamics of the spread of COVID-19 and easing government bans, but anyway this is:

- focus on "safe tourism" (all guests of Zaporizhzhia should feel protected and see compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health);

- cohesion of all participants of the tourism industry, understanding the problems and advantages of each other's work;

- hospitality and willingness to help guests and organize a holiday for every taste.

  • The results of the 1st stage of the Guides School 2020 and proposals for conducting the 2nd stage of training.

It has been decided to conduct training excursions of the 2nd stage of training in the city’s locations. We will soon inform you about the place and time of excursions.

We are grateful to the present members of the Coordination Council and representatives of the city's museums, guides for a productive discussion of important issues of tourism development in Zaporizhzhia.

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