45, Soborny Ave., Zaporizhzhia

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Cinema named after Dovzhenko is the central cinema of Zaporizhzhia. The cinema was opened on April 24, 1964.
 The post-war generation of the industrial giant has practically grown on the films Dovzhenko.

On April 16, 2004, the Dovzhenko Cinema celebrated its 40th anniversary. All these years, the cinema has been and remains the cultural center of the city. Its opening was a big event in the city, as it was the first widescreen full-length movie theater. The Serf actress - the first film that the Zaporizhzhia saw in the new cinema. All these years, the cinema has remained the first screen of the city, showing films on which has always been considered a premiere show. The older generation of Zaporizhzhia remembers such a film festival as the premieres of films: The Fate, The Crew, Horses Don't Change Horses at the Crossing, and many, many others.

To date, the cinema’s repertoire demonstrates the latest and world-famous tapes of various genres, the box office of which reach billions of dollars worldwide and become the legends of 21st century cinema production.

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