street Lakhtynska, 9 in the yard of the lyceum № 92, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

The mound is oval in terms of shape, 4.6 m high, 40 m in diameter. The surface of the mound is completely overgrown with grass and covered with pits of different origin. The sides are partially cut off during the construction of the car dealership.

The custom of such burials was common among the tribes of the Yamnaya, catacomb and log-house cultures, as well as among the Scythians and Sarmatians.
The mound is an archaeological monument of the tribes that inhabited the steppes of the Northern Black Sea region in the 3rd-1st millennium BC.
During the construction of the Khortytskyi housing estate on the right bank of the Dnipro in 1969, Shyriaev unearthed a mound between Lakhtynska Street and Yubileinyi Avenue (a modern market area). Mound height 3 m, diameter 30 m.

Two burial sites of the Scythian time of the 4th-3rd centuries were discovered in the mound. BC. One of them was robbed in antiquity, the second burial was well preserved. In it, next to the deceased, two iron spearheads were found, bronze points with wooden remains of arrows, preserved blue and red colors, two more spearheads and one bronze rag. It is interesting that the skull was missing from the buried Scythian, but a round wooden product was found nearby, the researcher considered it to be an imitation of a head that was missing during the burial.
These graves are peers of world famous Egyptian pyramids and graves. Today, local residents use the mound in winter as an ice slide.


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