1-a, Avramenko st., Shevchenkivskyi district, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

In 2014, in one of the largest regions of Zaporizhzhia, an unsurpassed pattern was created, which depicts a young couple sitting on the seashore, and a bird of happiness flies over them. The image is large enough and occupies 4 floors of the house. Residents of the house are proud that such a warm drawing settled in them. It is important that it was the residents who chose the sketch of the drawing, and the authors of this gentle romantic masterpiece were students of the Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy.

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Next to Mural "Lover"

Transport communications

Monaco Racing Center karting center

334 m. 2 Avramenka st.

(068) 240-10-10

Made in Zaporizhzhia

Ais Zaporizhzhia company

540 m. 100 Mahistralna st.

National cuisine restaurant

Cafe of Georgian cuisine "Pereval"

883 m. Charivna Str, 64, Zaporizhia

(095) 724-96-99

Made in Zaporizhzhia

Olis firm

1,79 km. 47 Karpenko-Karoho st.

City cafe


1,90 km. Zaporizhzhіa St. Chariva 52а

(068) 496-66-35

European Restaurant

Nairi patio

2,25 km. Vereshchagina, 17, Zaporizhzhia

(067) 555-03-03


Mini-hotel «Zolota Arka»

2,34 km. Motorobudivnykiv Avenue, 190, Zaporizhzhia

(096) 472-48-36


Hotel Zlata Prague PREMIUM

2,49 km. Charivna Street, 38B, Zaporizhzhia

(066) 557-06-73

City cafe


2,57 km. Zaporizhzhia, 2 Rustaveli st.

(099) 423-68-75


Mini-hotel «Kupidon»

2,80 km. I.Sikors'koho Street, 161B, Zaporizhzhia

(099) 081-32-52