Motorobudivnykiv Avenue, 50, Zaporizhzhia

About the place

It was installed near the eponymous Cathedral of Andrii the First-Called nearby in the park in 2003.

Built by sculptor Sobol and architect Kasyan on the day of memory of Andrii the First-Called, who, according to Christian mythology, was one of the 12 apostles and the first disciple of Jesus Christ.

It is a bronze, finely modeled figure of the saint, which rises on an octagonal pedestal of gray granite mounted on an earthen hill.

The sculptor clearly worked out facial features, in general, the image of Andrii the First-Called corresponds to iconographic portraits of saints in works of art.

The plastic solution is marked by the harmony of proportional ratios, the accuracy of modeling forms and linear rhythm, visible on the folds of clothes. The saint is depicted in motion: a proud gait, a cross in his right hand and the Holy Scripture in his left. The pose and clarity of the sculptural plans convey the image of solemnity and grandeur.

The dimensions and volumes of the embankment and pedestal are correlated with the sculpture in strict and harmonious proportions. In the environment, the monument is accented by a clear vertical, which stands out against the backdrop of green spaces

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